We ‘tweet’ and ‘post’ continual updates on our WEBSITE, TWITTER and FACEBOOK pages during Snowfall Events!!

Please follow us to receive automatic updates or check these places first for updates before calling our office.

We try to limit call volume during winter storms to keep our lines open for prompt communication with our crews, so we can focus on dispatch and performing a high-level of service.

You may also email us for an update if you have not found the update you are looking for on any of the online avenues or media pages above.

We primarily use tractors with drag-style snowblowers and ‘Bobcat’-type skid steer loaders to clear residential and commercial drives and parking lots. The skid-steers have a bucket on the front that is used for clearing snow and stacking it into piles, the blowers blow the snow off the driveway areas onto areas designated for snow storage.

We use plastic snow shovels, walk behind snow blowers, and good-old elbow grease to clear our clients’ walkways if they subscribe to this extra “ADD ON” Snow Shovelling service.

Plow trucks are used on larger commercial lots and to provide backup assistance to our tractors and skid-steers. All our equipment is geared to keep your property as clean as possible while maintaining safety for our staff and reducing the risk of damage.

Yes, we are one of the few companies in the area to offer this premium customizable service. Our dedicated snow shoveling crews help many of our clients with their front walks/entrances, and access to their side or rear doors as well.

Our shovelling crews are often dispatched at a separate time from our machine operators. Therefore, your walkway will be done at a different time from the driveway clearing. We typically only shovel residential walks once the storm or Snowfall Event is completely over.

The contract begins on November 1st and ends on March 31st. However, if we had a snow event that inconvenienced our customers outside of these dates, we would certainly try to help them!

We have many clients with downhill drives. If you have a downhill sloping driveway, please apply liberal amounts of de-icing materials after freezing rain events. We also recommend you use deicers prior to a snowfall. Our employee safety is paramount.

We also offer emergency sanding/de-icing service on an on-call, as needed basis.

Often the “Town ridge” snow pile is full of a mixture of road sand, salt and gravel. This can often end up on your property in undesirable locations which is then visible when the snow thaws in the Spring.

We are happy to provide quotes for cleaning up and remediating these areas in the Spring, following the thaw. Please note this is a regular expectation and result from snow removal activities.

Clean up services are not included in our Winter Maintenance Program pricing and will be quoted upon request.

Yes, we can. Typically, the first few snowfalls are used to create a ‘compacted base’ on your driveway to reduce the amount of gravel displacement during snow removal operations. However, customers should expect that some amount of gravel will accumulate along the borders and areas surrounding your driveway.

We are happy to provide quotes for cleaning up and remediating these areas in the Spring, following the thaw. Please note this is a regular expectation and result from snow removal activities. Clean up services are not included in our Winter Maintenance Program pricing and will be quoted upon request.

No, you should not have to call.

After our machine operators have finished their routes, we will automatically revisit the entire route which is typically after the Town plow has finished clearing your street. Keep in mind that we are not responsible if they re-clear your street a second time, or for the pile of snow that is left by the sidewalk plow. However, we do try to keep an eye on all areas. We want your drive to be the best looking one on the street!

This is a difficult question to answer! Winter weather in Canada is unpredictable and sometimes we do experience “Snow Days”.

Generally speaking, it is the ‘Town snow plow ridge’, that will stop a vehicle from exiting a drive. We are very aware of this reality and attempt to open the base of our clients’ drives before they need to leave for work. However, if the Town plows your street shortly before you were hoping to leave, it would be very difficult for us to get there in time.

Be assured we do not overbook our employees or equipment. We are very strict about capping the total amount of work any one of our crews must do. There is a juggling act that we must do to balance the number of customers on a route, and the price we must charge to cover our costs. We feel our ratio is acceptable to most people, and hopefully it will be to you as well!

Absolutely. We have used them from the beginning as they help our staff find your property, and also provide you with re-assurance that you are on our route!

We begin installing them after November 15th and generally remove them during early April.

After our operators initially clear their route they will have to re-visit their properties to clear the Town snow ridge once the Town has plowed your street. Furthermore, we often send our staff out the following day to re-inspect all of their sites. We have found that our clients’ cars will have been moved at some point during this multiple visit process.

If there are vehicles in the way we will clear the remaining portion of the driveway so that you can drive out to the street. Please also remember, that for safety and to reduce risk we are not able to get too close to clear around parked cars with our plow trucks, bobcats and larger loaders.

We classify a Snowfall Event as accumulation which triggers dispatch of our winter maintenance crews.

We typically clear snow for any storm that realizes between 3-5 inches or more of accumulation. If we receive several small ‘flurry-type’ events we will often clear our clients’ drives and parking areas.

While we often send our machine operators to clear driveways after smaller snow events we only send our walkway shovelling crews out after storms resulting in at least 3-5 inches or more.

During smaller snowfalls our vehicles are sent out once the snow has stopped or is about to stop. This usually occurs when 3-5 inches of total snowfall is expected. However, when we consider the timing of our commencement we also consider the Town’s street cleaning operation timing, and the likelihood that our clients will have their vehicles removed from their driveways.

When a heavier storm is predicted, we dispatch the crews only once considerable snow has fallen. After the first pass, the drivers will start over again and do a final pass. Once the Town has plowed your street, we will provide a final visit to clear the ‘Town ridge’ at the bottom of the laneway. Please understand that when we have back-to-back blizzards, or extremely heavy snowfalls, delays can occur. However, your driveway will typically be cleared before most residential streets are cleared by the Town!

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