How much snow must fall to trigger your service? When do you typically start clearing snow?

We typically clear snow for any storm that realizes between 3-5 inches or more of accumulation. If we receive several small ‘flurry-type’ events we will often clear our clients’ drives and parking areas.

While we often send our machine operators to clear driveways after smaller snow events we only send our walkway shovelling crews out after storms resulting in at least 3-5 inches or more.

During smaller snowfalls our vehicles are sent out once the snow has stopped or is about to stop. This usually occurs when 3-5 inches of total snowfall is expected. However, when we consider the timing of our commencement we also consider the Town’s street cleaning operation timing, and the likelihood that our clients will have their vehicles removed from their driveways.

When a heavier storm is predicted, we dispatch the crews only once considerable snow has fallen. After the first pass, the drivers will start over again and do a final pass. Once the Town has plowed your street, we will provide a final visit to clear the ‘Town ridge’ at the bottom of the laneway. Please understand that when we have back-to-back blizzards, or extremely heavy snowfalls, delays can occur. However, your driveway will typically be cleared before most residential streets are cleared by the Town!

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