Backflow Prevention Program

backflow prevention system

Ontario Ministry of the Environment, The Safe Drinking Water Act and Climate Change regulations mandate: That water purveyors protect the municipal water supply, the Water Supply Bylaw includes within a specific program describing the protection of drinking water via backflow device (backflow prevention test). Under many circumstances it is the law that your residential (buildings of 5 or more units), commercial, industrial, or institutional property possess a well-maintained backflow prevention device.

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Backflow is defined as the reversal of flow, from the intended direction in a potable water system. Backflow hazards occur through temporary or permanent cross connections made between a potable drinking water system and any source containing non-potable water or other substances. There are two main means in which backflow occurs, backsiphonage and backpressure.

A backflow prevention device is a device or assembly that prevents backflow. Premises with a moderate hazard classification will require a Double check valve assembly (DCVA). Premises with a severe hazard classification will require a reduced pressure backflow assembly (RP).

Residential premises are classified under the standard CSA B64.10-111 as a minor hazard, and currently, do not require a backflow prevention device. However, residential premises with access to an auxiliary water supply, Irrigation systems, and solar hot water systems will require a premise isolation backflow prevention device.

Multi-residential premises, defined as 4 or more self-contained units on one premise, will be required to have a premise isolation backflow prevention device.

Here at Blue Mountain Irrigation we believe in giving you not only a professional and effective irrigation system, but we also offer water management saving products that will help you in the long run. We can install moisture sensors that cancel irrigation operation when the soil does not need water such as rain sensor, ET Systems, & Smart Controllers.

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