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Seasoned Firewood

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Hand Processed Seasoned Firewood

Our Seasoned Firewood has been keeping you warm for over 20 years.

No hidden costs or fees, no per km delivery charges (within our huge delivery area) and no surcharges. What we offer is a clean, quality driven firewood product, delivered when you need it. Our delivery team can also stack the firewood where you need it (extra fees apply).

Our firewood has a 1.5 to 2 season drying period to ensure proper aging and optimal burning quality. The mix of firewood for residential use contains ash, oak, and maple. We also carry straight birch, apple and cherry. If you have a special request, or need a different length of firewood, please call us at 705-445-1497.

Visit www.seasonedfirewood.ca for more information or to order online.