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Category: Gardening

Compost Happens

Compost Happens - A Guide to Composting Turn your trash in to Gardeners Gold! Let’s talk dirty. According to Statistics Canada, more than half of the world’s food is wasted…

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A sucker for Succulents

Cacti and succulents are some of the easiest and most unique plants to keep. They have adapted to succeed in some of the harshest environments in the world, including my…

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Hanging Baskets – DIY

Though the temptation of instant gratification is hard to resist, ready made hanging baskets simply do not last as long or bloom as beautifully as the baskets you create yourself.…

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Plant for Bees, Plant for Life

With the rise of genetically modified crops, pesticides, and an ever-changing climate comes the fall of the bees. Bees are our most valuable pollinators. Alone they are responsible for 80%…

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Winter Blues? Don’t Procrastinate, Propagate!

This article will be a good primer for anyone that wants to propagate plants over the winter…in fact winter propagation is one of the best times for woody plants.  Are you a business that wants to double their…

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Lets talk about Bulbs!

Bulbs: From our spring articles, but still a good read for the fall. Ask a non-gardener about bulbs and they will likely roll their eyes and talk about the last…

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