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Hanging Baskets – DIY

hanging baskets

Though the temptation of instant gratification is hard to resist, ready made hanging baskets simply do not last as long or bloom as beautifully as the baskets you create yourself.

Ready made baskets tend to be planted tightly which means they’re gorgeous and full when you buy them in early spring however as the season progresses the crowded plants don’t have enough space for the roots to thrive. Creating your own hanging basket allows you to choose your colour and plant combinations to personalize your outdoor space. Additionally, you can plant for success by allowing the roots the space they need to provide stunning blooms until the frost arrives.

Here are some helpful tips to create your own hanging basket success story.

Selecting an adequate container

You’ll need a good-sized planter to give the roots plenty of room to grown. For the roots to establish themselves, they require air, food, water and space. Peat pots are a popular choice for their natural appearance and ability to drain. They also won’t heat up with the sun as plastic containers do.

Using the right soil and fertilizer

For hanging baskets, you will require a loose potting soil. This allows for wiggle room for the roots. Add a slow release pellet fertilizer to your soil before planting to create a steady supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

Picking your Plants

While greenhouses are some of the most beautiful places to visit, they can also be a bit overwhelming. Before visiting a greenhouse, take note of the planters you intend to use as well as the environment where they will hang. This will determine the types of plants best suited for your planters. It’s best to buy your plants before they begin to bloom. This way, they’ll use their energy to establish new roots rather than flowers. This is ideal in the beginning stages. You’ll want to chose plants that require similar exposure, watering requirements, and spacing.  This will create a basket that keeps all its occupants healthy and happy.  If your plants have begun to bloom prior to being planted in their baskets, simply pinch the blooms off the stems so that the roots settle in without using energy to support flowers.

Keep your baskets healthy

Apply a water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks to provide additional nutrients. Water when dry. It is easy to establish when the planter is dry based on its weight. When you water the basket, ensure that the soil is soaked completely through.

Once you’ve created your own basket and watched it grow to bloom, you’ll quickly forget ready made baskets even existed!

Happy Planting!

Lori York
Blue Mountain Four Season

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