Green Earth Safety Salt

This is Green Earth Safety Salt and it is a premium ice melter that we have for sale by the bag or by the skid.

The most exciting aspects of our Premium Ice Melter product are as follows:

  • lighter weight than leading brands
  • 20-30% more coverage per 50 lb bag than the leading brand of ice melter or safety salt
  • effective down to -31°C
  • gentle on concrete and vegetation
  • low price point – keeps more profit in your pocket

Green Earth Safety Salt.

Green Earth Safety SaltIf you are interested in ordering larger quantities, we do have volume discounts available for truckload purchasing, which can reduce the cost per bag significantly. Truckload pricing starts at 18 skids, and the best price point is offered on orders of 38 skids, shipped direct from the manufacturer in Wallaceburg.

This is a Ontario made product.

Call today 705-445-1497 to place your order.

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