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Gabion Walls

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History of Gabion Walls

In the medieval era gabion walls were used as military reinforcement. In recent history, gabion walls have been used extensively to stabilize Georgian Bay shorelines, riverbanks, highways and slopes against erosion.  You could say that they are a way to secure nature within itself.

What are the benefits of a gabion wall?

Aesthetics – They provide a natural look and can tie a house to its landscape by using a variety of filler materials; Washed Stone, River Rock and Wood are the most popular.

Environmentally Friendly – Often, filler materials are found on site during landscape construction. This helps by eliminating transportation costs and associated fuel consumption.

Permeability – These walls are naturally draining; Walls will not wash away with moving water.

Strength, Durability and Sustainability – The fill within the wall eventually settles to the contours of the ground beneath it and creates frictional strength so that no foundation is needed. The strength of the wall will increase with time as silt and vegetation fill the voids, reinforcing the structure.  Lastly, gabion walls are able to adapt and conform to ground movements.gabion planters

What material is used to fill a gabion wall?

Rock is the most typically used filler purely for it’s durability, longevity, and stability; Not to mention is beautiful aesthetic. Some considerations must be made when determining the purpose of the wall. For example, when a gabion wall is used as a retaining wall the rock must be sufficiently dense to support it’s intended load.

Can they be used for more that just retaining walls?

Gabion walls are being reinvented to include many garden uses. Benches, Fire pits/Surrounds, Pond Surrounds, Natural pool surrounds,  Fencing, planters, and pillars are just a few of the ways a gabion wall can become a staple in your landscape design.

If you are interested in creating gabion walls on your property, visit our landscaping page.

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